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At n8 health you will truly experience a wellness centre of the future. From Chiropractic care through to therapeutic massage or the delights of relaxation massage you will begin your journey to wellbeing at our carefully designed sanctuary at both our Bendigo and Echuca offices. Everything you need in natural health is right at your finger tips.


In today’s fast paced world, providing quality solutions and genuine health care requires a dedicated and experienced team.

Our unique approach to providing specific answers and protocols to your health is based on the fact that each of us have different needs and outcomes in mind.

Explore here to learn some of the services that we can combine, to give you the optimal opportunity to thrive.

Some of Our Services

Avoid Backpack Back 

A young, developing spine is vulnerable to permanent damage, and heavy backpacks worn incorrectly are playing a major part in creating serious back issues for children.

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