n8 Yoga teacher Jo Webb provides Hatha yoga classes at our Echuca centre

Why Hatha Yoga?

Yoga invites us to harmonise our body, breath and mind as a way to experience wakefulness and compassion in our daily lives. The path of Hatha Yoga involves physical exercises that enhance our cardiovascular system, strengthen our muscles, improve our digestive activity and cleanse our entire body. It also includes breathing exercises that soothe our nervous system and meditation that develops mental clarity. The combination of these three aspects result in a sense of well being, confidence, open heartedness and patience. So when we practice yoga, what we are really practicing is how to live a richer, more vivid and more connected life. Even though yoga is primarily a physical activity, the reason it enhances our entire life and even the lives of those around us is because of the mindfulness with which we approach our yoga program.

Wednesday and Saturday Yoga classes will be a balanced mix of Hatha (Active/Yang) and restorative yoga practice to get you ready for your day. These yoga styles complement each other for a well balanced mind, body and spirit.

Tuesday night yoga will be a gentle flowing Hatha and restorative yoga practice. This practice will be a nice way to unwind from your work day and prepare your body for a restful night. A suitable option for pregnancies and those with specific health conditions and those who prefer a gentler class.

Students are encouraged to take at least one class of each for full benefit.

What To Bring: Yoga Mat; 1 pillow/cushion; water bottle

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If it is your first time to a n8 yoga class please download & complete the following form and return prior to your first class by email echuca@n8health.com.au, fax 03 54801969 or dropping into our centre:

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Hatha Yoga
(Active & Restorative)

Jo Webb


Hatha Yoga (Active & Restorative)

Jo Webb




Gentle Hatha & Yin Yoga

Jo Webb


Contact our centre to secure your booking on 54802981.

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