Your good health rests on your mattress

Your sleep quality and how you position yourself during your sleep is crucial to your spinal health. n8 health sleep systems are designed to support you and we can provide the correct mattress and pillows for you.

Complementary sleep assessments are now available now on location at Bendigo and Echuca.

Contact us to arrange a complementary Sleep Assessment to put yourself in the best position for a good night’s sleep.

However, if you are unable to arrange a sleep consultation and are shopping for a mattress elsewhere, there are important facts you must find out from the sales person.

1. Was the mattress assembled in Australia? 

You might think it doesn’t matter where your mattress comes from. However imported mattresses are piled into shipping containers for long haul freight. This means they are often squashed in transit, losing their flexibility and usefulness to you.

2.     Are the springs zoned?

To avoid eventual sagging, the mattress’ springs should be firmer in the centre of the mattress.

3.     Does the mattress feature German  or Australian manufactured pocket springs?

These will generally last longer and support you better than Chinese made springs.

4.     Is “Pillow-top” the most important feature of your mattress?

Don’t let the sales person sell you a mattress on the basis of a superior pillow top. It’s not nearly as important as the spring system in terms of lasting comfort and a superior night’s sleep.

Finding the right mattress can be a challenge however once armed with the above knowledge, you should find it a lot easier.  You can make it easier still by arranging a free sleep assessment with an n8 health chiropractor and hearing their insights into your requirements.

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